COVID WARRIORS OF INDIA is a belief system

Covid Warriors of India is a belief system wherein we wish to enshrine, enlighten, kindle,empower the indomitable spirit of fearlessness and Nationalism in every child of our great motherland India against this modern-day adversary with the golden statement “Rise, Awake, Stand-up, fight fearlessly with undeterred faith in oneself”. Together we shall bring a paradigm shift in this hour of need of Global pandemonium and mayhem.

Covid19 has signed, scorched every soul nationally and globally, physically economically emotionally, and most importantly destabilised, derailed, traumatised and disoriented everyone psychologically. The impact of which if not contained immediately will have lifelong irreparable, cascading, fatal consequences globally.


Our mission is to break the chain of psychological trauma globally by instilling in every soul infinite courage, infinite patience, infinite strength, infinite nationalism, infinite faith in oneself in the service of the  Nation and mankind towards this global adversary together as a community

In the words of great Swami Vivekananda

“Strength is Life Weakness is Death”.

Finally, there is no better or greater an opportunity to serve the Nation in this hour of need towards our Motherland.

Lets join hands together as one Nation, one Sprit, one faith against the known but unseen adversary called COVID19.  

Kenneth Wilfred Vincent 

Chairman - Rose Bud Education Trust

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Mr. Kenneth Wilfred Vincent
Chairman , Rose Bud Education Trust


Largest Vaccination Drive at the private school level. 

We intend to vaccinate more than 10000 Teachers and Non-teaching staff of various schools in West Bengal. 

Join us and make the difference in the lives of those who are shaping the destiny of the nation. 

Largest 'Sit at Home and get Tested' - Testing Drive

Testing is the first step of fighting the COVID 19 . Larger testing wil ensure more accurate assessment and therafter also help in early medication leading to quick recovery. 

We intend to tie -up with leading and reliable testing centres so that more accurate and quick result are made available. 

Support to Corona Patients

Providing all that a COVID patient need is our biggest concern at this hours. Our Volunteers are helping relentlessly to ensure that COVID patients are provided the essentials . 

Sanitasitation Services and Mask Distribution

MASK and sanitisation have proven to be the most effective preventive measure in fighting the corona and also curtailing the chain of infections. 

We undertake sanitisation drive as and when requested for. 

Distribution of masks is also done from time to time during our awareness drives. 

About Us

We are a group of educationalist who have come together for the cause of humanity to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in these crucial time of life and death situation which this pandemic has imposed upon us. 

Our Mission

We all teachers and students stand strong with our countrymen in these testing times. Our mission is to provide full support and care to all affected by the COVID crisis. 


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