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Why Health Cannot Wait

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the entire country and seems to be even more devastating than the first. Fighting the new, more infectious variant of the virus, frontline health workers are working round the clock even as hospitals run out of beds and oxygen supply, and thousands succumb to preventable deaths.

As the situation worsens with every passing day, the need of the hour is to provide urgent necessities like PPE kits to health workers, strengthening the existing public health infrastructure through supply of oxygen and medicines, reducing the load of primary healthcare facilities, providing hygiene kits to masses, and spreading awareness to contain the spread of the virus.


For those suffering at the hands of the pandemic, for those who are struggling to see their loved ones survive, for those working tirelessly to help save lives – health cannot wait!


They need your support NOW.



How your Donations will help



As India faces its worst bout of Covid yet, the underprivileged are the worst sufferers. They are unable to visit the overburdened government hospitals even for their regular healthcare needs, and are locked down in their homes. Our mobile hospital programme & telemedicine projects are taking primary healthcare & Covid care services to the doorsteps of most vulnerable children & families in remote villages & slums.

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Protective Gears for Frount-Line workers

Fighting the new, more lethal variant of the virus, frontline health workers including doctors, nurses, paramedics, ASHA, ANM, Anganwadi workers are working round the clock to save lives, putting their duty before everything else. While we can’t thank them enough for their selfless service, we are ensuring that they have the protective gear needed to ensure their own safety as they lead India’s battle against the pandemic. So far, we have provided over 80,000 protective gear to frontline health workers.

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Hygiene Kits for Vulnerable Communities

The need of the hour is to contain the spread of the virus & reduce the vulnerability of people to get infected. This is particularly important in case of underprivileged people as they are at higher risk due to unsanitary & highly congested living conditions, lack of awareness & necessary protective gear. We are providing Hygiene kits to less privileged children & families enabling them to protect themselves. So far, we have provided over 2,00,000 hygiene kits to vulnerable communities.

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Tele-counseling to reduce Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccine hesitancy among people continues to abate the country’s progress towards recovery from the pandemic. The vaccine provides protection against the virus to a high extent & is our best bet to curb the spread of the virus. However, doubts & fears prevent people from getting vaccinated. We are sensitizing people about the benefits of vaccination through tele-counseling, & spreading awareness on prevention against the virus. So far, we have sensitised more than 1,00,000 people through tele-counseling.

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Strengthening Covid Care Centres & Govt Health Institutions

Due to the increasing number of positive cases, the Covid Care centres & Govt Health Institutions are facing shortage of several equipment including oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP machines, PPE Kits, sanitizers, oximeters, thermal scanners & masks, necessary for the treatment and safety of both doctors & patients. We are working on providing these critical equipment to strengthen the Covid Care centres & Govt Health Institutions with support from corporate & institutions.

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creating Oxygen Banks

The need of oxygen for serious Covid patients has been making headlines as hospitals are running out of supplies of oxygen cylinders and concentrators. However, situation is worse for less privileged communities, who have least access to such provisions and life saving equipment. We are working on creating 100 Oxygen Banks across the country with support from corporate and institutions, to help critical patients from vulnerable communities have access to oxygen supply.

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Home Isolation Kits

With India battling the second wave of the novel Corona virus, every day a staggering number of new COVID-19 cases are being reported. However only about 4% of the affected people need hospitalization, while nearly 96% can recover through home isolation and care. We are providing home isolation kits to Covid patients with mild and less severe symptoms for effective care at home.

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